STRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting

Whether repairing concrete expansion joints on a cooling tower or installing a post-tensioning system on a fly ash silo, STRUCTURAL, a Structural Group company, employs the most effective and efficient techniques for a project.

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PULLMAN Specialty Contracting

PULLMAN, a Structural Group company, can address key nuclear initiatives, such as buried pipe integrity assessment and rehabilitation, Fukushima FLEX implementation assessments, and seismic and flood modifications.

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Relying on their in-house investigative and engineering capabilities, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group company, can assist owners of power infrastructure with corrosion control issues.

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Solutions for Power Infrastructure


Structural Group companies have experience working in a variety of power markets, including:

  • Fossil Fuel
  • Nuclear
  • Hydroelectric & Renewable
  • Transmission & Distribution

For power providers, fighting deterioration and providing long-term protection of process infrastructure is critical to maintaining operations and providing power to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each of Structural Group's companies have industry-leading experience in the power industry - making them the logical choice for demanding repair, alteration and new construction projects in facilities where uptime means everything, and the long-term durability of repairs is vital.


Technology-Driven Products & Services

Structural Group companies specialize in integrating technology-driven repair, enhancement, and improvement solutions for infrastructure in the power market. Our integrated solutions combine the construction services of Structural Group's specialty contracting companies with the value-added products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.

When an infrastructure repair, upgrade, or protection project is required, Structural Group companies provide the right solutions through capabilities that include:investigative  services, solution design, proprietary products and engineering support. Our solutions optimize durability while lowering life cycle costs. Our integrated product, design and contracting solutions go beyond repair to include long-term protection, new construction and upgrades that extend the life and functionality of power infrastructure.


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Products & Services for Existing Infrastructure

Structural Group companies provide proprietary products, as well as contracting and engineering services for the power market. Click on any link below to learn more.

Vault Repair

Design-Build Solutions for New Infrastructure Construction


Within the power and industrial markets, PULLMAN is widely known for turnkey design-build capabilities for new chimneys, silos, and tanks. PULLMAN also offers general contracting services for specialty infrastructure, such as large, pre-manufactured, clear span buildings and structures. For new construction, PULLMAN's capabilities also include individual specialties such as fireproofing and refractory installation.

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