STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES Announces the Launch of Solution Builders

Hanover, MD – October 7, 2014 – STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group Company, today announced the launch of its online resource center, Solution Builders at

The Solution Builders Technical Corner focuses on gathering all technical papers, articles, upcoming events, videos, and presentations of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ industry subject matter experts. These experts are highly sought after individuals credited with shaping the industry landscape, leading technical associations and committees, and presenting new findings and solutions at top industry events. Solution Builders utilize STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ full line of specialty products to meet the needs presented for complex and challenging infrastructure upgrade projects. To enhance our ability to provide comprehensive technical support, our group of experts will now be available for direct contact and offering time at events for scheduled meetings to discuss your project needs.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has brought these resources online to create a forum and centralize each Solution Builder’s knowledge base specific to their area of expertise to answer questions from clients, colleagues, students and other interested parties. Thought provoking and frequently asked questions will be answered via a post on that expert’s page for all visitors to view.

The Solution Builders initiative from STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is the first of its kind in the industry to place a group infrastructure upgrade expert resources for direct product and technical support at a centralized location on the Web. Each Solution Builder’s page is complete with practical solutions to industry-specific problems, references case studies where the expert has applied their knowledge first-hand and technical papers previously only shared in educational key-note events.
To launch, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES has four industry Solution Builders and their technical Corner available with more coming soon.


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES develops and integrates proprietary products with design support to improve, protect, and enhance infrastructure. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ holistic approach to developing solutions is supported by the construction knowledge and expertise of Structural Group's specialty contracting companies. As part of Structural Group, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is in a position to optimize constructability and installed cost for its customers.

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