STRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting

STRUCTURAL, a Structural Group company, provides comprehensive services that are aimed at maintaining and managing our client's asset value, versus just providing maintenance tasks.

PULLMAN Specialty Contracting

PULLMAN, a Structural Group company, has the ability to free clients from their maintenance problems so that they can run their business. From facade inspections and masonry repairs to waterproofing below and above grade.


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group company, combines its specialized forensic and solution building consulting services with the condition assessment and design capabilities of industry-leading engineers and designers.

Maintenance Services for Commercial & Public Market

Facility owners and managers of private commercial buildings and/or public infrastructure know the value of having on-site or on-call maintenance capabilities. Such services make it easier and more efficient to manage routine, ongoing, or annual repairs. The key to success is finding the right service provider with the right capabilities.

Smart owners look beyond simply satisfying the lowest common denominator of low unit price offered by low overhead, limited capability maintenance contractors. In finding the right partner, clients quickly realize that the added value of comprehensive capabilities far outweighs the value of a low unit price.

Structural Group's member companies save our clients money, time, and hassle by providing comprehensive capabilities beyond just performing routine maintenance tasks. We partner with owners and engineers to solve a broad range of needs.


Turnkey Capabilities Through Structural Group Companies

By leveraging the investigative and condition assessment capabilities of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, our specialty contracting companies can provide customers with turnkey, value-added, maintenance and repair solutions for our customer's infrastructure. Our companies approach repair and maintenance projects holistically, taking into consideration all components and systems and their inter-relationships.


Structural Group specialty contracting companies offering maintenance services:

STRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting

STRUCTURAL Specialty ContractingSTRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven solutions with specialty contracting services to improve, protect, and enhance the existing infrastructure of owners directly, and in partnership with designers and contractors. STRUCTURAL offers a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services and is the largest concrete repair contractor in the United States, with over 1,000 employees working from locations nationwide and in select international markets.

Visit the STRUCTURAL website.

PULLMAN Specialty Contracting

PULLMAN Specialty ContractingPULLMAN Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven, engineered solutions into its industry-leading contracting services. PULLMAN’s capabilities include specialty design-build services for new and existing structures, as well as a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services.

As a signatory to local, national, and international labor agreements, PULLMAN has access to a large base of skilled craftsmen across the country to supplement its own full-time workers in local offices in the East, Midwest, and West coast.

Visit the PULLMAN website.