Comprehensive Fireproofing Solutions

Whether installing new or repairing existing fireproofing, Structural Group's companies provide industrial and energy owners with fireproofing investigation, products and installation services - resulting in solutions that optimize reliability and durability, while minimizing life cycle costs.

Solutions for Structural Fireproofing

Given steel’s lack of inherent fire resistivity, fireproofing material is often applied to exposed surfaces of structural steel and even reinforced concrete members in order to preserve and protect the structure. Maintaining and repairing fireproofing systems for structural steel and other critical structural and civil infrastructure can be a ongoing issue for owners - especially in heavy industrial and power facilities. 


Industry-Leading Specialty Fireproofing Capabilities

Structural Group's companies have dedicated teams and specialists for both new installation and repair of fireproofing. Our project teams use stringent technical guidelines and project-specific quality control processes for every project. Whether under a maintenance program or part of a turnaround or shutdown, Structural Group companies deliver a strong safety culture, trained installers, and the value-added technical assistance of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' concrete and material specialists. Our personnel understand fireproofing requirements, product performance characteristics, and the proper installation and quality control procedures to insure desired system performance.

Value-Added Services

Structural Group's specialty contracting companies provide customers with comprehensive condition assessment and investigative services for fireproofing systems in need of repair as well as new system installation.

Our companies provide owners, engineers, and contractors assistance in selecting the best fireproofing solution for any environment - optimizing cost, schedule, and constructability. Our in-house fireproofing specialists are capable of assisting clients with:

  • Budget development
  • Investigation and condition assessment
  • Material selection
  • Installation methods 

Specialty Contracting

Structural Group's specialty contractors have earned recognition as leading companies dedicated to the fireproofing of steel structures and other types of critical civil infrastructure. Our companies' fireproofing solutions incorporate construction details that maximize the long-term performance of the system.

For fireproofing installation and repair, our experienced fireproofing maintenance teams bring proven processes along with the material expertise of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES - resulting in engineered solutions that are durable and long-lasting for their particular environment. 

Structural Group Specialty Contracting Companies:

STRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting

STRUCTURAL Specialty ContractingSTRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven solutions with specialty contracting services to improve, protect, and enhance the existing infrastructure of owners directly, and in partnership with designers and contractors. STRUCTURAL offers a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services and is the largest concrete repair contractor in the United States, with over 1,000 employees working from locations nationwide and in select international markets.


PULLMAN Specialty Contracting

PULLMAN Specialty ContractingPULLMAN Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven, engineered solutions into its industry-leading contracting services. PULLMAN’s capabilities include specialty design-build services for new and existing structures, as well as a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services.

As a signatory to local, national, and international labor agreements, PULLMAN has access to a large base of skilled craftsmen across the country to supplement its own full-time workers in local offices in the East, Midwest, and West coast.