State-of-the-Art Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers high-performance products and systems, in-house applications engineering specialists, and the ability to evaluate multiple options to develop optimum force protection solutions.

Specialty Contracting Expertise

Structural Group's specialty contracting companies have unparalleled experience - delivering application knowledge required to successfully implement highly engineered force protection solutions

Engineered Solutions

Structural Group Companies deliver customized, cost-effective, total solutions for force protection through the combination of our construction capabilities, and the products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.

Solutions for Force Protection Applications

Because of the increased threat of terror-related events, owners of critical infrastructure subject to potential threats are more than ever evaluating options to strengthen their infrastructure by considering force protection solutions. Many different approaches, designs, and materials are available to enhance the resistance of infrastructure to various natural and potential terrorist threats. Given the highly specialized nature of these solutions, Structural Group companies combine to assist owners, engineers and contracting partners in the development and implementation of value-added structural upgrade and force protection solutions. 


Turnkey Capabilities Through Structural Group Companies

By combining the proprietary products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and the expertise of Structural Group's specialty contracting companies, we provide customers with turnkey, value-added, design-build solutions for force protection of structural and civil infrastructure.

State-of-the-Art Products.

High-performance products and systems, in-house applications engineering specialists, and the ability to evaluate multiple options ensures the optimum solution rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products are used to increase the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete and other structure types.

DUCON® Micro-Reinforced Concrete Systems


DUCON® is an innovative, high-performance system designed for extreme load resistance and energy absorption. DUCON® combines an infuseable ultra-high-performance grout with a densely layered MicroMat® steel reinforcement system.

Placement characteristics similar to concrete, combined with the ductility and energy absorption properties of steel, give DUCON® “moldable, steel-like” characteristics.

DUCON® and MicroMat® trade names and patents are owned by DUCON GmbH and are distributed exclusively in North America by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES for strengthening and force protection applications.

V-Wrap Carbon & Glass FRP Composite Systems

V-WrapSTRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ externally bonded FRP systems utilize lightweight, high-strength carbon fibers bonded with adhesive resins. V-Wrap™ systems are typically used in force protection applications for standoff threats.

V-Wrap™ is extremely flexible in its application and can be used on nearly any type of structural member in order to harden, increase structural capacity and help protect against uplift, progressive collapse and spalling.


Tstrata Enlargement Systems

Tstrat Enlargement SysytemsSTRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ enlargement systems bond additional reinforced concrete to existing structures. Our systems are used to increase or restore load-carrying capacity to a variety of structures. Customized for every application, these systems are ideal for situations that require improved strength and stiffness.


Tstrata Steel Plate

Tstrata Steel PlatesTstrata Steel Plate solutions are custom designed and fabricated to meet a wide variety of force protection requirements, ranging from blast protection to forced entry mitigation. Feasibility analysis, design assistance, cost development, as well as fabrication and procurement of Tstrata Steel Plates are all part of the range of the technical solutions available through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.


VSL® Bonded, Post Tensioned Floor Systems

As part of its full line of Force Protection solutions, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES brings to its clients bonded post-tensioning (P-T) technology that can be used to meet force protection and progressive collapse requirements in new construction.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES can provide feasibility analysis, design assistance and cost development for a full range of P-T products and solutions to enhance force protection capabilities of existing structures as well as new construction applications.

Structural Technologies, LLC  is the exclusive licensee of VSL® Post-Tensioning Systems in the United States.


Engineering Support for Force Protection Systems.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' in-house team of force protection experts partner with design professionals to assist in solution development by providing: Determination of blast loads and pressures, analysis of blast capacity and performance determinants, blast mitigation conceptualization and option development, detailed high-fidelity analysis and design of mitigation options, and structural design of blast mitigation solutions.

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Industry-Leading Specialty Contracting Expertise in Force Protection

Because of the complexity of blast assessment and force protection design and construction, owners, design firms, and contractors need resources that can provide comprehensive solution building capabilities.

Structural Group's specialty contracting companies can deliver customized, cost-effective, total solutions for force protection through the combination of our construction capabilities, the product and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, and the specialized design and modeling capabilities of our blast consulting partners. Together, these teams can help clients to develop, budget, and implement solutions to meet difficult force protection challenges. 

Structural Group's Specialty Contracting Companies:

STRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting

STRUCTURAL Specialty ContractingSTRUCTURAL Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven solutions with specialty contracting services to improve, protect, and enhance the existing infrastructure of owners directly, and in partnership with designers and contractors. STRUCTURAL offers a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services and is the largest concrete repair contractor in the United States, with over 1,000 employees working from locations nationwide and in select international markets.


PULLMAN Specialty Contracting

PULLMAN Specialty ContractingPULLMAN Specialty Contracting integrates technology-driven, engineered solutions into its industry-leading contracting services. PULLMAN’s capabilities include specialty design-build services for new and existing structures, as well as a wide range of specialty repair and maintenance services.

As a signatory to local, national, and international labor agreements, PULLMAN has access to a large base of skilled craftsmen across the country to supplement its own full-time workers in local offices in the East, Midwest, and West coast.