Design-Build Solutions for Specialized Infrastructure Construction

Within the power and industrial markets, PULLMAN is widely known for turnkey design-build capabilities for new chimneys, silos, and tanks. PULLMAN also offers general contracting services for specialty infrastructure, such as large, pre-manufactured, clear span buildings and structures. 


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  • Sulfur Pit Repair Systems

    Chimney & Stack Construction

    With the construction of PULLMAN’s first 100-foot-high radial brick chimney at a coal-fired power plant in 1902, PULLMAN set itself on a path to becoming the leader in chimney & stack construction. A position it continues to hold today. PULLMAN's in-house engineering specialists design your structure by meshing geographic, geophysical, and thermal data with factors such as loads, operating conditions, wind, seismic, and thermal stresses.  PULLMAN works directly with project teams on liner system selection, material science, and mechanical and electrical integration.

  • Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Life Extension Systems

    Silo & Tank Construction

    PULLMAN can design and build a wide range of containment structures - including tanks and silos that comply with current codes and standards. As a Structural Group company, PULLMAN has access to the most trusted name in post-tensioning hardware systems and design, VSL. Our innovative designs and leading construction services provide durable, cost-efficient containment structure solutions for our clients.

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units

    Large, Clear Span Turbine Buildings 

    As a national builder for Butler® Heavy Structures, we leverage our vast in-house engineering and steel erection expertise—along with the superior-quality steel building systems manufactured by Butler—to offer clients turnkey, design-build solutions. Every component of a Butler building system is designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact specifications— assuring fast assembly and long-term performance. PULLMAN is proud to be the only Butler Builder®  in the U.S. with the "Market Sector" designator for energy and industrial facilities. 



Installation of New Fireproofing Systems & Refractory Linings


Providing fireproofing and refractory repair and maintenance services for years, PULLMAN has become a leading installer of fireproofing on new steel and concrete infrastructure as well as refractory liners for new process equipment. A reputation for quality and value are the results of product knowledge, experience, stringent adherence to technical guidelines and project-specific quality control processes.

These standards, Pullman’s experienced skilled trades, and an industry-leading safety program instill confidence in clients looking for durable, economic, and quality solutions for their infrastructure fireproofing and refractory needs.